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#7 Delis

deli_signJews love delis! There isn’t a deli in the world that doesn’t have a Jew in it (well maybe the delis in the West Bank and parts of the Gaza strip), but all other delis are packed full of Hebrews. Why wouldn’t they be? With so much wonderful food to choose from: rubens, tuna melts, white fish, onion soup, challah bread french toast served ALL DAY, it’s easy to see why Jews love delis.

Most Jews have their own personal favorite deli. Though they will visit hundreds, if not thousands, of delis throughout their lifetime, there’s always one they favor most. If asked (sometimes even when no one asks), they will recount their past experiences of perfectly golden potato pancakes and tell you all about Evelyn, the waitress who always made sure their coffee cup was full. They’ll tell you what to order at what time of the day. They’ll even remind you if you ever stop by there, “tell the staff Cadillac Lou said hello and he still hasn’t had a better bowl of coleslaw.”

Delis are a home away from home for Jewish people and as of recent, they’ve become a great way to meet other Jewish people (check your local deli around 11:00am on any Sunday and you’ll see it packed full of Kosher customers chomping away at their favorite meal). What’s mind blowing is that many deli’s are actually owned by Jews. But not because of the opportunity to be a successful business, but simply so they can eat free deli food every day. Running a booming business is great, but running a booming business that also gets you free lox on your bagel–that’s what Jewish life is all about.

As long as delis are open they will be a part of Jewish culture.

4 Responses to “#7 Delis”

  1. Ken Davies says:

    This is very true.

  2. Hi says:

    No delis in the West Bank, I think. It’s walled up.

  3. Rachel says:

    This is not true. While jews may love delis, they prefer the fancy term; delicatessen. Delis are far inferior.

  4. Illa Miotke says:

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